There are a few reasons why Sigmento may not find data for a given product:

  • The product identifiers (Brand & MPN, UPC or ASIN) supplied were invalid.         
  • The product identifiers provided did not match those used by other sources
  • There is not enough valid data about a given product on the web
  • Identifiers were mapped incorrectly when the file was imported (Ex: MPN was mapped to UPC)

Another possibility is that the product identifiers can be found on the web but we currently do not cover sites which sell this product. Don't worry, our team can easily add sources to our platform to increase data coverage and quality for any category with product identifiers. (Tip: Try searching the web for the product identifier. If Google can't find a product page, we probably can't either.)

Finally, if the product identifiers you searched for led to inconsistent results, our algorithm will reject it. We measure the consistency of the product identifiers, specifications, images, and titles across results and use advanced filtering and scoring methods in order to only provide results with high confidence levels.

Still have questions or need us to add a new source? Contact us.

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